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Election Integrity Hearing with Kevin Lundberg | LiveStream Access

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Hearing to Examine Election Irregularities in Colorado is Next Week

The informal hearing the RSCC is planning on election irregularities is scheduled for April 24. Some have reported this event as a rally, encouraging everyone to attend. I wish this was possible, but under the current distancing policies across the state, such a rally would jeopardize our ability to conduct the hearing on this most significant issue. If a large crowd gathered health officials may even try to close down the hearing.

There is a time and place for a large public event to demonstrate our deep concern for the integrity of our election processes, but this hearing is not the time or the place for that event.

This hearing will be an objective examination of the facts from experts who have learned much in the last several months about our election systems across the country and here in Colorado. Colorado citizens deserve to know all there is to be known about the integrity of our election process. If there are any problems with the accuracy of our elections, those problems need to be scrutinized, understood and cured. 

We are asking people to not attend the hearing, and have not yet settled on the location for the hearing. We will be capturing all of it on video and will make that available for all to see and share. We are also working on a way to stream the hearing live, but those details have yet to be worked out. I will pass on any specific information on viewing the hearing when that information is available.

We must examine any election irregularities that may have occurred in 2020 to discover if any legitimate votes were effectively cancelled out. The media talks about voter suppression. I can think of no greater form of voter suppression than illegitimate votes cancelling out legitimate votes from legitimate voting citizens.

We must have an election system that accurately records all votes from all eligible voting citizens, a system which guards against any manipulation of the process that would denigrate the integrity of every legitimate vote from every legitimate voting citizen. We want every eligible citizen to have equal access to vote and every eligible citizen’s vote to count, without any fear or concern that their vote was cancelled by any manipulations of the votes.

It should be reasonable to think that every elected official, election official and private company providing election services, software and election counting equipment would welcome such scrutiny, unless they have something to hide. Toward that end we are working hard to get to the facts, and let everyone see the facts.


Details on a live feed from the hearing will be available on the Lundberg Report at:



-Kevin Lundberg,

Former Colorado State Senator



April 24
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm MDT