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The United American Defense Force is a humanitarian aid organization that was created to support first responders and protect citizens. Whether for natural or man-made disasters, we believe it is the responsibility of citizens, for the people and by the people, to offer protection and support when first responders are unwilling or unable to fulfill their civic duties.

Through these challenging times, the desperation and degree of civil disobedience in our society has become too significant to ignore. As we have seen in Kenosha, Seattle, and other cities across the country, there has not been adequate first aid services to citizens on the street. Citizens young and old are dying on the streets due to lack of access to medical care as first responders are being blocked from reaching victims in time. As bureaucrats continue to support defunding the police, the ability of first responders to provide care is dwindling quickly.


You can join the FEC United weekly prayer call by emailing [email protected]


We are currently working on providing our members with a free faith devotional monthly, or weekly.


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The United American Defense Force’s mission is two-fold. Our plan is to establish an entirely volunteer-operated network of medical teams across the country who are able to provide urgent and necessary care to those injured in the midst of the chaos. However, in these times of desperation, medical teams cannot operate without protection. Beyond roads being blocked, another significant reason why medical units are unable to respond is the lack of ability for police to secure the scene, thus leaving first responders vulnerable to attack and looting. This is why our parallel mission is to create an entirely volunteer-operated network of individuals who are prepared and coordinated to defend and protect UADF medical units at all costs. Without this element of defense, our humanitarian mission would be futile. We strive to ensure that citizens exercising individual rights to protest does not mean that they will be left to die alone, or suffer worse injuries due to lack of medical attention. The UADF is ready, willing, and able to provide water, first aid, and potentially live-saving services to all who need it.

We’re currently devoting much energy to building a solid foundation and organizational infrastructure. Membership is available to adults 18+ subject to a background check. Various levels of benefits of membership include insurance protection for use of force; discounts on ammunition; medical supplies; hard goods; soft goods; weapons, tactical, and CPR/ first aid training, as well as public safety notifications. Members will be expected to attend training, regular monthly meetings, and comply with a code of conduct. Because safety and security of our members is a chief concern, becoming a member of UADF is a four step process. For details on membership and more information on the process, sign up today.

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