Defend and Protect What is Ours

Radical groups have gained control in the United States of America. Police departments around the country are being defunded and disbanded. Officers are being disarmed and deprived of ability to use force. Without adequate police protection, urban and suburban centers are left exposed to anarchists and are left vulnerable to attack and seizure.

As governments and media provide cover for violent groups such as BLM, ANTIFA, and NFAC, those who took the oath to protect the public have forsaken their oaths. These “peaceful protestors” have been allowed to burn businesses and churches, assassinate police officers, attack business owners, shoot children, vandalize and destroy historic artifacts without consequences.

The enemies are promising to come to your neighborhood. We can no longer afford to remain complacent. We believe Americans have the authority and moral duty to protect ourselves, our families, and our compatriots. United American Defense Force is here to make sure our members have access to the training, equipment, communications, leadership, personnel and resources necessary to protect our communities.

Get Involved

Join a group of American patriots ready to STAND UP in defense of our communities. The United American Defense Force (UADF), under the umbrella of FEC United, is organizing citizens across the nation as a humanitarian force ready to provide support for natural and man-made disasters. The UADF will also stand as a first line of defense against domestic terrorists and during states of emergency.

We’re currently devoting much energy to building a solid foundation and organizational infrastructure. Membership is available to adults 18+ subject to a background check. Various levels of benefits of membership include insurance protection for use of force; discounts on ammunition; medical supplies; hard goods; soft goods; weapons, tactical, and CPR/ first aid training, as well as public safety notifications. Members will be expected to attend training, regular monthly meetings, and comply with a code of conduct. Because safety and security of our members is a chief concern, becoming a member of UADF is a five step process. For details on membership and more information on the process, sign up today.

Are You Ready?

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