To mobilize millions of Americans as one single force to Restore Liberty, Demand Accountability, and Save Our Nation. We will act as the key to grassroots activism by removing barriers to community engagement.


A state of our nation where the practice of faith and worship is unrestricted, education is transparent and empowers children, commerce is thriving and unimpeded, and the government serves the interest of the People.


We have lost the liberties that made us a free nation. This loss has happened gradually over the past several decades, yet the majority of the population has relied on the power of the American Vote to elect individuals we believed were meant to represent the will of us, the People. The disastrous government overreach observed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic should prove to the American People that we have lost our representation and ability to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. Through this overreach, it is clear that we have lost our constitutional integrity—a quality envied by billions of people around the world, and one that many are willing to risk their lives and livelihoods to obtain through legal and illegal immigration. We have witnessed our health system weaponized against us, censorship of opposing views, and our own government barring citizens from life-saving medications. The destruction of our economy and small businesses, the weaponization of technology and media, and so much more demonstrate the layers of oppression that have been established in just a few short months, with persecution of dissenting views on the horizon.

We, as a united people, should not tolerate our history being erased and convoluted. We, as a united people, cannot allow selective facts and money-motivators dictate the future of our livelihoods. To learn more about how these threats affect the three pillars of our society, Faith, Education, and Commerce, visit our pillar page!