2 Bedrooms in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129 (Weatherstone) in Douglas County

The Host of this Emergency Accommodation has agreed to not discriminate against any guest on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender, vaccination status, or political affiliation.

Accommodation Details
  • Accomodation Type: 2 Bedrooms Private Room (House)
  • Available For: Guests with children (2-12 years) 
  • Bed Types Available:
    • 1 Total Double Beds Available
    • 1 Total Queen Beds Available
    • Total Single Beds Available
    • Total Sofa Beds Available
    • Total King Beds Available
    • Total Small Double Beds Available
    • Total Couch Beds Available
    • Total Bunkbeds Available
    • Total Floor Mattress Beds Available
    • Total Air Mattress Beds Available
    • Total Cribs Available
    • Total Toddler Beds Available
    • Total Hammock Beds Available
    • Total Waterbeds Available
  • Other beds available? No, Single
  • Private Bathrooms Available: 1
  • Shared Bathrooms Available: 1
Comfort & Safety Details
  • Basic Amenities:
  • Safety Amenities:
  • Extra Amenities:
  • Other details guests should know:
  • Amenity limitations: Weapons on property
House Rules

We are not set up for young children. Children would need to be school age. My husband and I work from home, so would need quiet during the day and some evenings, if I have online clients scheduled. One bedroom is private with it’s own bathroom and the other connects to my son’s bathroom, which is not available for use. We have another bathroom in the basement with a shower that is available, but my husband does use the toilet during the day. Our washer and dryer would be available for use with instructions from us on proper use. We can share our kitchen with them. Parking would be available on the street in front of our house. We live in a cul-de-sac. We are highly sensitive to smoke, so no smoking at all or vaping or any use of drugs or alcohol while living with us. We have a high school son who has asthma and allergies. We have medium size dog, so no other pets. All weapons are locked in a safe.

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