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Commerce Pillar Vision: It has never been more important to unite and stand strong against the blatant government overreach that is costing the citizens of our states and nation their livelihoods and legacies. We are here to unite business owners in an unprecedented way to restore the liberties provided by God and outlined in the United States Constitution. 

Getting Back to Business

We will build a strong and powerful network of local business owners. We, FEC United, will offer the support necessary to take this fight to the public offices and elected representatives to demand accountability. It is up to us — the People, the employers, the stimulators of our economy, to take back what is ours and save our nation.


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Commerce Pillar

FEC United believes that business owners are the sole decision makers for their businesses within the bounds legislated and outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Business owners always reserve the right to operate freely to protect assets and maintain personnel functions. No bureaucratic entity has the authority to deem businesses essential or non-essential, discriminate against, or threaten, the right to free commerce. FEC United will advocate and defend these rights.

Employer: An employer cannot request or demand disclosure of medical choices from current or potential employees. Employers do not bear the burden of enforcing government suggestions onto their employees or anywhere else within their business. They are compelled to follow legislation outlined in Public Law 88-352, Title VII – Equal Employment Opportunity, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Employee: We recognize that all employees have inalienable rights and should not be forced or coerced by any government body, or business, to comply with anything outside the scope of their contracted employment. FEC United supports individual autonomy and personal right to choose the best course of action medically for themselves and their families, including and not limited to, treatments, tests, medical devices, and preventive care. Individuals reserve the right to decline disclosure of medical choices, and cannot be discriminated against or threatened with loss of livelihood, employee benefits, future opportunities, etc.

Consumer: The consumer reserves the right to medical privacy. Policing customers’ medical choices is not within the authority of any government or business entity.

FEC United opposes the interference of local, state and federal licensing authorities that restrict the rights of business owners to operate their businesses as is necessary to thrive. FEC United is committed to provide resources and tools to assist business owners in standing together against government overreach and weaponization of these licensing bodies.

Business Owners Network

If you are a business owner and want to join our Business Owners Network, which will include a listing on the partner portion of our members portal, please contact the Commerce Pillar. and tell us about your business.