Education Pillar

Education Pillar Mission: Advocate for the educational rights of all children in the nation and partnering with parents, teachers and students to ensure that students receive this education without disruption.

Giving Power Back to Parents

All students should have access to a student appropriate education that is free from bias and is appropriate to their needs and in their best interests. All educational options should be available to all students and should provide students with the tools required to be successful, active members of society based on the founding principles and tenets of the US Constitution.

FEC United’s Education Pillar is working to ensure that all students have access to an education that is appropriate for them in an environment that supports and puts the needs of children first. Our children deserve an education that not only meets their individual needs, but also gives them a solid grounding, free from bias and indoctrination. Education should focus on the basics (reading, writing, math, science, history, and civics) that provide the tools they need to be successful adults.

Awareness & Advocacy

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Family choice

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take back institutions

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Education Pillar
Position Statements

We believe the parents are the first educators of their children and have an inherent God given right to be involved in the education and formation of their children from birth through college. FEC United will advocate and defend these rights.

FEC United supports the parental right to choose the best educational model/option for their children. We support funding children, not institutions, and will advocate for government educational funding to follow the student to the educational institution of the parents’ choice. FEC United will advocate and defend these rights.

FEC United will support public education institutions that put the interests of students first, followed by the interests of teachers and staff. FEC United is committed to working with teachers and families who choose traditional public education and to capitalize on the positive aspects of public education. FEC United will assist in addressing concerns that may come with public education as well. We recognize that charter schools are public schools and believe that all children deserve access to all public education options.

FEC United recognizes that there is a broad menu of educational options available outside of the public system and supports parents in their educational choices. We commit to support and advocate for parents and students who choose private or homeschool. FEC United is committed to capitalizing on the good aspects of private education and homeschool options and we are committed to addressing concerns as well.

FEC United will advocate for the constitutional rights of all students no matter which educational option their family has chosen. We will not stand by and allow our students’ voices to be silenced just because they don’t agree with agendas and liberal/leftist motives. Additionally, we will advocate for the mental health of all students and work with families to find necessary resources should the need arise. Students have a right to an education modality appropriate to their needs.

FEC United is also committed to fighting for the constitutional rights of teachers. We recognize that not all teachers are union members and because of this, their voices get lost and are not heard. We are committed to fighting and ensuring that the voices of all teachers are heard in every school district and that teachers are not harmed or misrepresented when they have differing views or values than those of bargaining units.

FEC United advocates for transparency of content in all areas, especially when it comes to history and reproductive health. We believe history needs to be taught as it happened and not changed to fit political motives. Additionally, we do not believe that it is the responsibility of the schools to teach students about sexual reproduction and that some sex-ed content is not only inappropriate for certain ages, but it promotes sexual activity at a young age which is highly inappropriate. In regards to scientific content taught in schools, we believe that science should be true science grounded in scientific theory and law, not baseless ideas simply passed off as “science.”

Because parents, in one way shape or form, are paying for the education of their children, FEC United is committed to ensuring that school systems, whether public or private, are being financially transparent.

FEC United believes that in order for schools to be safe, we must have a multi-tiered security system with protocols in place to ensure that students are safe from harm and if anything were to happen on school grounds, local law enforcement could respond swiftly. That being said, we are against removing school resource officers from any school building and encourage law enforcement agencies to foster relationships with all schools.