Big Tech deleted Us But We Will Not Be Silenced

The mission of FEC United is more critical than ever. Big Tech has done their best to keep us from sharing our message, communicating with members, and take action as a community of freedom-loving Americans. Since our inception, mobile phones have been rejecting to receive text messages our members have opted into. Email services mark our emails as spam or “malicious” for sharing information and education our communities need to restore liberty in our local governments.

On Tuesday, January 18th, Meta, the company that owns and dictates use of platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, violated their own terms of service by entirely erasing FEC United from both Facebook and Instagram. 

After nearly two years of stifling and suppressing our content, they decided to strangle our First Amendment right to free speech by removing our pages off of their platforms without a trace. Meta’s terms of service outline the appropriate and formal process of account removal or disabling, such as notice of violations, justification of actions taken, and ability to appeal (depending on severity of violation). Meta openly states they use disruption methods for people, organizations, and ideologies that they do not like. 

It’s time to remove ourselves from these systems intended to eliminate our freedoms.

We Need Your Help Now!


We are raising funds for an application that will allow us to communicate with and activate members across the nation without fear of suppression. This single platform has the functionality to replace nearly all of the major social media platforms for our members.

Will you help us? We are raising $50,000 to secure this app for our members by the end of March 2022. Become a contributor to secure free speech and communication for patriotic Americans! We can no longer stand idly by. 

Help FEC United Restore Liberty, Demand Accountability, and Save Our Nation.