The Pikes Peak Chapter Pillar Of Commerce

We are here to see business owners and employees thrive and prosper without restriction in a free market.

What We Believe

Every business is essential! Businesses are essential to their owners, employees, customers, and community. There is no such thing as a non-essential business and no one has the right or authority to determine anything different. The recent rash of “orders” and “mandates” from our elected servants weigh heavily on all of us in the business community. Somewhere along the line, public officials got the impression that we work for them and take our orders from them. It is time to show them that they are mistaken. It is time to show these would-be “rulers” that we are still Americans; that we make our own decisions and our own choices.

Our Goals

To encourage, educate, and EMPOWER our business owners to operate their business in the way they feel comfortable. We will fight alongside our business community and push back on the indiscriminate power grabs of the elected (and non-elected) officials that are making decisions on our behalf and compromising our ability to conduct business and provide services to our community. We will work to develop short and long term strategies, action items, and initiatives that will lay a solid foundation so you can TAKE BACK YOUR CITY, COUNTY, STATE, & COUNTRY.

Our Initiatives

Words are cheap. Action matters. Here are our active initiatives that will help you TAKE BACK YOUR CITY, COUNTY, STATE, & COUNTRY.