The Pikes Peak Chapter Pillar Of Faith

We are at a critical junction in our country and our state. This is the battle between Good and Evil; God or No God. Are you tired of our elected servants telling us when, where, how, and with whom we may worship? WE are. And we're doing something about it. Now is the time to mobilize the Faithful to fight for our Freedom.

What We Believe

1. We lack representation (houses of worship have no voice in politics/policy).
2. We’ve lost Constitutional integrity (freedom to assemble is gone).
3. We’ve lost our freedom as We the People and have handed it over to the government.
4. Our health system has been weaponized.
5. Our economy has been destroyed.
6. Technology and media have been weaponized.
7. There are layers of oppression and opportunities to persecute us with the size of government at all levels.

Our Goals

Our goal is to preserve religious freedom by motivating the faith community to understand the battle for freedom and to vote their faith-based values. We provide prayer and support for faith leaders, candidates, and freedom fighters.

Our Initiatives

The Faith Pillar is working on the following efforts to save Colorado and our nation.

1. Win back the Colorado Senate by mobilizing Faith voters particularly in battleground races in key senate districts to make phone calls, knock on doors, and post on social media
2. Inform faith-based voters and energize them to vote by holding information sessions and/or voter registration at houses of worship
3. Spread the message by distributing small cards and door hangers that call out the distinction in this election and how to take action in this battle