Pillar Of Commerce

Goal- Get and stay open fully without restrictions.

As Pillars of Commerce in our communities, we believe that every business is essential — to its owners, to its employees, to its customers. There is no such thing as a non-essential business. Our goal is to see business owners and employees thrive and prosper without restriction in a truly free market.

The recent rash of “orders” and “mandates” from our elected servants weighs heavily on all of us in the business community. Somewhere along the line, public officials got the impression that we work for them — and take our orders from them. It’s time to show them that they are mistaken. It’s time to show these would-be “rulers” that we are still Americans; that we make our own choices and our own decisions.

If you are a business owner, you are already a leader in the community. Step up to the next level by joining FEC in our fight to reopen our state. Let’s take government’s thumb off of the scale and their knee off of our neck. Come to the meetings and found out what YOU can do to bring actual freedom back to our communities, our states, out country.

Stay Informed

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