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Between now and November 3 our focus in on state senate races. Why? If the Republicans cannot gain control of the state senate there is no way to stop legislation that will further erode and limit parental rights. School choice, from open enrollment to charter schools to home schooling, is likely to be a target of the Colorado Democrat lead house of representatives. Parental rights about schooling choices and healthcare are likely to be at risk.  Please consider working to support your local senate candidate or support one of the following must win seats with your time (campaigning, phone calls) or money.

  •  SD19 – Arvada/Westminster.  Candidate Lynn Gerber
  • SD26 – Southwest Arapahoe County, Greenwood Village.  Candidate Bob Roth
  • SD28 – Southeast Aurora, Candidate Karl Stecher
  • SD31 – South Denver and Northeast Arapahoe County, Candidate Doug Townsend

Links to candidates pages and information can be found under the Make an Impact tab.

Pillar Of Education

We are here to support students, parents, and teachers to ensure that schools open normally in the fall and that our children are never deprived of access to education, sports, or extracurricular activities again.

Schools need to open normally. This means all normal in school and extracurricular activities. No masks, no social distancing, no part time, blended, or online learning, no temperature taking. Barring that, we will work to support parents to find alternative educational opportunities for their students.

Pressure needs to be put on those who make these decisions. Colorado is a local control state, which means that local school districts are the decision makers, perhaps bound by the governor’s mandates, CDC and CDHPE guidelines. Parents and teachers need to speak up and let everyone from the governor, state education commissioner, state board of education, state and local health departments, to your local superintendent and school board know that a return to normal is the only acceptable return to school.

School boards, superintendents, Colorado Department of Education, and the legislature need to be held accountable for the actions that they take and that decisions are always made in the best interest of students.

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