• Content writing

Content is the foundation of organizational growth in the social media world. Creating accurate, well-written, shareable content will help us gain traction at state and national levels. Creating content requires research and verifiability. If you love researching, finding credible and reliable sources, and sharing your research, this is the volunteer opportunity for you! There is simply no such thing as too much content. Your work will be proofread before publication and published on a schedule. There will soon be more opportunities to become a regular content contributor in other areas of media, such as podcasts and video broadcasts.

• Graphic Design

Much like content writing, it is important for us to create graphics that compliment our message to the world. Graphic design is a much more specialized area to volunteer within. Do you have an eye for design with complimentary skills in digital graphics from work experience or as a hobby? Then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! From merchandise designs to educational videos and shareable social media content, we need your expertise to help us amplify our message.

• IT / Web Development

Building a national organization requires stellar technological communication and website support. From systems operations to continuous website growth, we need experienced and trusted individuals that can fill in these roles as necessary.

• Research and Awareness

Love to research but not sure if you want to consistently produce content? Research and awareness of the deepest corners and taboo issues of our society is critical. These issues include medical research and forced medical interventions, human trafficking, education restrictions, and more. This role will directly contribute to content writing volunteers, but takes research to the next level. If you love tracking down and digging up hidden truths, this is the volunteer opportunity for you! We are facing extreme censorship of content across all social media and internet platforms. You will be a warrior paving the way for truth.

• E-Commerce

Do you have experience with online sales? Creating a source of revenue for our organization is essential for growth. If you love hunting down the best bulk deals for merchandise, and can work closely with our graphic design volunteers, look no further! Part of E-Commerce volunteer responsibilities will include creating a sales and marketing strategy for all merchandise, coordinating with distributors, and establishing a consistent schedule for new products.

• Law Enforcement

Please refer to the UADF portion of our website. This volunteer position is to ensure security at our events and serve as a first line of defense for our members and the community. There is a thorough process necessary for you to complete in order to participate as a volunteer in this role.

• Event Coordination

We are currently only planning events in our home state of Colorado, but as we grow, so will the necessity of volunteers in this role, especially for national events. We will need volunteers that would be able to coordinate other volunteers, identify and secure venues or locations for events, ensure all necessary equipment is set up properly by support team, and can create and follow an appropriate event agenda.

• Event Support

In addition to coordination, we will need event support. This includes individuals with experience setting up stages, seating, audio and lighting systems, and more!

• Canvassing

Are you passionate about what drove you to find our organization? Do you like talking to people? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to like talking to people to be really good at it, but if you do, that’s a bonus! FEC United has grown immensely purely through word-of-mouth invitation to events from amazing member volunteers just like you, but now it’s time to take community engagement to the next level.

Canvassing is crucial for your local candidates to win their races, necessary to grow our organization, and useful for us to establish a positive presence within our communities. When you canvas for a political candidate, you have a direct line of contact to someone who could have had the power to prevent the destruction caused by government overreach during COVID-19. Make your voice heard by asking them sign our FEC United Pledge so we can hold them accountable for their actions. When speaking with members of your community, you will also have a great opportunity to invite concerned citizens to one of our FEC United meetings!

• Petitions

The Petition Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that We The People have a right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” This includes the right to file lawsuits against our government. Petitions are most commonly used to qualify candidates for political offices and ensure their placement on a ballot, or to include a proposed initiative on a ballot. FEC United plans to exercise this right to its fullest extent. Petitions are a vital part of our organization and are absolutely necessary to hold candidates accountable to the FEC United Pledge and their oaths of office. Through petitions, we will push to recall failed elected officials and ensure accountability for all those in elected offices.

• News Coverage

FEC United is dedicated to being a platform for true and honest journalism. As we navigate establishing our media outlets, we need volunteers who can step up and participate consistently in news coverage. To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please complete the volunteer form or email [email protected].