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Here are some suggestions on how you can help FEC United become the fastest growing, conservative-minded organization in the country! Please feel free to use some or all of these suggestions. We cannot sit in silence anymore, and we need members to demonstrate the volume of voices we represent.

Post Prompts for your personal profile:

When did you first hear about FEC United?

What excites you about FEC United?

What do you hope to help FEC United accomplish?

Which pillar are you most passionate about?

As an action-based organization, what kind of engagement are you most excited to participate in? 

*Be sure to use @FECUnited in every post so your friends and family can find our social media pages!

Directly messaging friends and family is a highly effective way to help us grow. Check out this sample message you can use to help grow awareness about our organization, our goals, and why it’s so important for them to come on board now with our massive member discount!

Private Message Sample:

Hi Friend! I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about this awesome organization I’ve been following called FEC United. I think we have similar values and beliefs, so I wanted to share what they’ve been doing with you in case you want to get involved! FEC United is committed to restoring liberty, demanding accountability, and saving our nation from the anti-American, family-deteriorating agenda. The blatant government overreach we have experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for all freedom-loving Americans, and it is time for us to stand together and prove that We the People will hold our officials accountable for their actions. FEC United will fight on the front lines for the pillars of society that impact us all, Faith, Education, Commerce, and Policy. There is power in numbers, and right now their annual membership fee is over 90% off until December 31st—just $5 for the whole year! Want to check it out? Visit:

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FEC United is a movement of bold men and women who will restore and secure the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

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