School is Out, Now What

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June 6, 2023 – Education Pillar Newsletter

School is Out, Now What?

Most schools are out, or are about to be out for the summer. What are your plans for next school year for your children? What is your school district’s plan for next school year? 

Most school districts still have board meetings during the summer. Now is a great time to start digging into your school district finances which typically run on a July 1 fiscal year.  Understand the district election cycles for board elections.  Find out what continuing education is being offered, encouraged, or required for teachers in your school district. 

Your school and school district webpages are a great place to start looking for information. Budgets are posted online. Information about board and school policies are generally available under the board of education or the superintendent pages. Specific documents and topics discussed at board meetings are generally available under board agendas. 

You may need to ask your school principal or student’s teachers to supply specific information about books, texts, and teaching materials.  Are there any pornographic or inappropriate books being provided in the library or within the curriculum?  Our Michigan chapter as a good list that can be accessed here: 

State department of education websites are another great resource to find information about state driven curriculum and standards. States also gather information and data about all school districts and schools related to performance, finances, and staffing. 

State websites also include information about the laws and regulations that guide and dictate what education looks like in your state. Information about school choice options, how to homeschool in your state, state level graduation requirements, even attendance requirements can be found. 

It is a very good time to also look into alternative education options; homeschool, private school, charter schools, and new hybrid alternatives that are showing up.  FEC members will be attending the CHEC Conference (Christian Home Educators of Colorado) later this month and will share what was learned as well as valuable resources that can help on this journey.   

Use this summer to educate and arm yourself to be able to make informed decisions about your children’s education. 


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