BREAKING: FEC United Assists in Filing Lawsuit on Behalf of Businesses

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FEC United has assisted attorneys Joseph O’Keefe and Perry Sanders in filing a lawsuit on behalf of Colorado small businesses and military veterans. Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Sanders write, “The mental health issues and the financial devastation associated with the current shut down of coffee shops, restaurants and taverns, is hard to fathom. … We are confident that Governor Polis, when he sees the lawsuit, will seriously take into account all Coloradans’ First Amendment right to assemble, and that he will expedite allowing small businesses to reopen, putting them on the same business footing as big box stores, and to allow Colorado citizens the right to assemble where they see fit.”

The lawsuit asserts that the state is damaging small businesses’ and veterans’ rights to freedom of assembly and association and equal protection under the law. A recent CDPHE public health order lifted all capacity restrictions on weddings and funerals – whether religious or secular – and also gave museums, aquariums, and zoos permission to operate at 25% capacity indoors, even while restaurants remain closed to all indoor dining.

The right to freedom of assembly is not limited to events or buildings the state prefers. It is a fundamental right for all Americans, including the groups of veterans who gather in restaurants and taverns across Colorado. This lawsuit asks for equal treatment for all groups of people and all kinds of businesses across Colorado.

FEC United will continue to stand with the hundreds of family-owned and operated restaurants that are at risk of dying in Colorado right before Christmas. Small business owners and veterans deserve a voice, and that is why FEC is proud to assist in this essential lawsuit.

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