Colorado Election Reform – TAKE ACTION NOW!

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 “Secure elections and honest, comprehensive election reforms.”


Key Days: Monday, March 8th

FLOOD the Colorado House State Affairs Committee member phone lines and email boxes. 

HB-1053     HB-1086    HB-1088

Committee hearing is scheduled for Monday March 8, 1:30pm.

Many thanks to Senator Kevin Lundberg who has kindly done an analysis of these three bills in the short descriptions below. He has also outlined a protocol for calls and emails:

  • Call each one of the State Representatives on the House State Affairs Committee (see contact information below).
  • Calls should be courteous and brief, asking them to pass the three election reform bills coming before the committee on March 8.
  • Email each of the State Representatives on the House State Affairs Committee (see contact information below).
  • Use a Unique “Subject Line”, if all subject lines are the same they will not be opened. 
  • Email content, brief but to the point of how Coloradans deserve secure and fair elections. You want your voice to be heard and counted. Pass the three reform bills for secure elections in Colorado.
  • Every like minded voting member of your household should call and email.
  • Share this with all concerned about election integrity in Colorado, let’s shut down the phone system at the capitol!
  • Attend the committee hearing and/or submit written testimony here:
  • Second Action is to call and email your state senators and representatives again showing your support for these three house bills. 
  • Colorado Representatives and Senators by district:

State, Civic, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee Member Contact Information

13DAmabile, Judy303-866-2578[email protected]
7DBacon, Jennifer303-866-2909[email protected]
12DBernett, Tracey303-866-2920[email protected]
56RBockenfeld, Rod303-866-2912[email protected]
24DDuran, Monica303-866-5522[email protected]
45RNeville, Patrick303-866-2948[email protected]
60RHanks, Ron303-866-2747[email protected]
23DKennedy, Chris303-866-2951[email protected]
5DValdez, Alex303-866-2925[email protected]
15RWilliams, Dave303-866-5525[email protected]
6DWoodrow, Steven303-866-2967[email protected]

Each of these election reform bills are modest in scope, but taken together they could significantly improve the accuracy of our elections and would go a long way in giving Colorado citizens more confidence in the reliability of our elections.

HB-1053 (, Election Recount Requests

Introduced by Rep. Williams, will allow any citizen to request a hand recount of the actual ballots. The citizen requesting the hand recount must pay all associated costs, but this bill finally puts into law a procedure for hand counting an election recount.

HB-1086 (, Voter Proof of Citizenship Requirement

Introduced by Rep. Luck, provides that only an elector who has provided proof of citizenship can vote in an election.

HB-1088 (,

Annual Audit Statewide Voter Registration System

Introduced by Rep. Pico, would require the state auditor to audit 20% of all voter registrations every year, which would mean essentially all voter registrations would be audited once every five years. The audit would require that all voter registrations be checked against other public records to verify the accuracy of each registration.

Public hearings are our best opportunity to let the legislature know what we think.  It is time to let your state representative, state senator and every member of the House State Affairs Committee know that We the People expect them to take positive action on all three of these bills, TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

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