Call to Action – DCSD Board of Education Meeting | May 11

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Call to Action DCSD Board of Education Meeting

Our teachers and students need your support. They are under attack. The environment at many of our schools is toxic and unhealthy, for students and staff. Particularly at Thunderridge High School, where Principal Nikki Ballow apparently went straight to central administration and HR rather than dealing with a situation with her staff member.

 A beloved Thunderridge High School teacher, Jennifer Riggs, has been put on administrative leave, supposedly because she dismissed her class 10 minutes early. The administration at the school has been uneven and unfair of their treatment of Mrs. Riggs and seems to have linked the early dismissal of her class to a student drinking (unbeknownst to her) in her class. This troubled student later committed suicide.

Joe Oltmann on Current Happenings at Thunderridge High –>

Consider speaking at Tuesday’s Board of education meeting in support of Mrs Riggs and her reinstatement, the removal of Thunderridge Administration, especially Principal Ballow, and ask the board how they are addressing the mental health needs of students and staff after this stressful school year. 

The Board of Education is NOT meeting in person. The meeting can be watched via the link on this page:

Public comment is scheduled for 9:10PM

To sign up to speak, you MUST sign up by 3:00PM using this form and be available:

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