June 3rd Bandimere Prayer Rally Success | Join us Again on June 17th!

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On June 3, 2021, FEC United held a Prayer Rally at the Jefferson County Court House in Golden, CO.  Pastor Jeff Schwartzentraub, from Brave Church, recited a prayer for the Bandimeres and their upcoming court cases related to Colorado Governor Polis’ COVID-19 mandates.  The mid-day Prayer Rally was attended by a sizable showing of FEC United members supporting the Bandimeres.  The event was inspiring for the crowd and hopefully gave the Bandimere’s spiritual strength to persevere through this challenge.

The Jefferson County Public Health Department is suing Bandimere Speedway, accusing them of violating restrictive COVID-19 mandates. The legal matter centers on the Jefferson County Public Health Department and the State of Colorado’s authority to enforce health orders verses Bandimere’s right to  conduct business guaranteed by the Colorado and United States Constitutions.

The Prayer Rally concluded with FEC United’s Executive Director, Steph Lee, leading the attendees in singing Amazing Grace. Please keep the Bandimeres and the FEC United volunteers in your prayers.

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