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Holly at Altitude

[Sec State Griswold Sends Team to Mesa County– Attempting to Pre-Emptively Destroy Potential Election Data Release]

[Denver, Colorado, August 9, 2021] – Sec State Griswold published a news release today, claiming a data breach of BIOS passwords from Dominion machines has been published online. Griswold and her staff should know if the passwords are real because only they have access to the passwords. Colorado County Clerk and Recorders and their staff do not have password access. If true, then Griswold herself identified and connected the passwords to Mesa County, thereby jeopardizing the security of Mesa County voting machines. 

Griswold is reportedly sending staffers to Mesa County to investigate – potentially seizing electronic voting equipment and data that might be critical to an independent forensic audit and to any law enforcement investigation into Griswold and her staff’s conduct.  Griswold has already proven her untrustworthiness as a public elections’ official with her illegal Emergency Rules Declaration heard last week in a public hearing.  Given Griswold’s tainted track-record in office, her overreach in Mesa County raises serious ethical and legal questions.

The Sec State claims that BIOS passwords from the Dominion machines were published on social media creating a data breach. The Sec State did not produce any evidence of where the passwords were posted online, any confirmation that the passwords are indeed from the Mesa County Dominion machines, or any forensic analysis indicating who is responsible for the potential breach.  Without any publicly released proof, the legitimacy of Griswold’s claims and subsequent investigation are highly questionable.  How is the public to know someone from her office didn’t publish the passwords as a predicate to potentially molest election data from Mesa County, or to use this as a clear warning to County Clerks in Colorado to obey Griswold’s illegal mandates?  Without a forensic deep-dive into the source of the supposed posting of the passwords – it appears Mesa County has a reasonable case to pause any investigation until irrefutable proof is presented by the Sec State.

Griswold’s demand for Mesa County surveillance video raises key questions: 

  • What is being done with surveillance data from every other county in Colorado?
  • Why wasn’t the public allowed to know when Dominion personnel and Griswold’s staff were modifying Dominion voting machines starting in June?
  • Why did Griswold and Dominion hide the technical details of what was modified in the machines from the public and County Clerk and Recorders?

Last week, Griswold’s office was under overwhelming public pressure with record-breaking written and oral testimony on the August 3rd hearing. Citizens from all political backgrounds fought against Griswold’s Emergency Rules Declaration, citing an abuse of power; calling for a statewide forensic audit, and asking “what is there to hide?” The outpouring of testimony forced Griswold to shut down citizens from orally testifying and submitting any more written testimony submissions several days earlier than first scheduled.  The legality of shutting down testimony is now being investigated.  It appears Griswold’s action in Mesa County could be a retaliation for citizens calling-out Griswold’s unethical and illegal behavior.

Questions are being raised about the connection of Griswold’s panicked investigation to interfere Colorado County Commissioners’ supervision of elections, the impending report from the Maricopa Arizona forensic audit, and the nationally recognized Cyber Symposium being held in South Dakota from August 10-13th.  The purpose of the symposium is to publicly reveal and scrutinize new data from Dominion machines showing China’s ability and irrefutable evidence of machine penetration, changing 2020 election results.  Political elites from both sides including Griswold vigorously denying any possibility of election malfeasance have been in overdrive attempting to question the legitimacy of the data, experts, and citizens investigating the 2020 election results.



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