In El Paso County: 29 School Board seats without any conservatives running!

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In doing a little research through Tracer, I found that in El Paso County there are 29 school board seats without any conservative running! In most cases, there is no one running at all! Meaning, the existing liberal board or the liberal Superintendent will be choosing a liberal board member to appoint to the position. There is only about 2 weeks left to collect petition signatures to get on the ballot. If there is no one else running, as is the case with so many, the one person on the ballot gets the position without campaigning and without an election.

We need Pastors across El Paso to announce this at this Sundays Service! Ask people to pick up a petition packet at the district office and get 100 “valid” signatures turned in before August 27th to get on the ballot in the districts that need candidates. Anyone with questions can contact me.

Conservative Christian board positions free for the taking! Please spread the word to all the conservative Pastors in El Paso County. We need strong Christians controlling our kids future.

Best Wishes and Gods Blessings,
Ted Mische
Colorado School Board Coalition, Chairman

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