Kyle Clark and the Fake News Media are Furious Because FEC United is WINNING

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The Fake News Propagandists are scrambling to maintain their narrative that Constitution Loving Patriots like You and Me keep speaking the TRUTH!

Why can’t these Professional Propagandists just tell the TRUTH? Please take a few minutes to listen to the LIES told about FEC UNITED and the speakers by 9NEWS in the video below.

A Letter from Joe Oltmann, the Founder of FEC United


Kyle Clark and the Radical Left just keep lying!

On Thursday, FEC United held a townhall-style emergency meeting to combat the radical leftist web of lies. 9News and Kyle “Antifa” Clark like to lie about whatever they want.

These are dangerous, irresponsible people and the greatest threat to our communities. Media in the community should be truthful; not a political weapon for communists. Unfortunately, all too often we are forced to endure the liars and their agendas to slander and divide our community. We have had enough and will relentlessly speak TRUTH to our vast reach. We will shatter the narrative of these disgusting, anti-American liars.

Here is the full video of the event that Kyle likes to lie about….

Kyle Clark repeatedly tweeted out that FEC has a militia branch of the organization. This is an absolute lie. United American Defense Force or UADF, is a community group whose volunteers protect our communities against terrorist organizations such as BLM and Antifa. They are not a part of FEC United in any way.

We partner with them because we understand the radical left has a propensity for violence and intimidation and frankly, we have an obligation to protect our members and our community from evil people who do harm to others. We support UADF and so should you.

Kyle Clark is a classless liar and a professional propagandist. Never once has this so-called “journalist” ever made an attempt to speak to FEC United for comment or an interview. Instead, Kyle Clark writes down whatever he thinks will appease his radical audience and employers.

Just look at this Tweet!

Let’s continue exposing Kyle’s lies!

Kyle Clark stated that a speaker, “urged the execution of the Colorado Governor”. That is a blatant, hyperbolic lie. Kyle Clark is not a journalist, he is a tool for the radical left, and works for a news organization that sanctioned the murdering of a man in cold blood. That is truth. Kyle also stated a speaker “called for the hanging of Jena Griswold”. That too never happened!

Kyle Clark speaks constantly about the threat of extremism. By his definition, extremism means being an American and standing up against the radical, terroristic behavior of the communists who have infected our communities. Extremism means standing against the grooming and recruitment of children using gender confusion and porn in our schools. Extremism means standing against critical race theory, one of the biggest lies created to divide and destroy the minority communities, just like the radical leftist racists have done with Planned Parenthood. These people are a cyanide pill of hate wrapped in the appearance of something virtuous.

Everything Kyle Clark and his radical comrades speak of is untruthful. They speak with hate. They use their bully pulpit to intimidate and silence anyone who dares stand against their evil intent, and they do it with a smile. The time has come to speak every day of who they are. The time has come to call these people what they are.

FEC United is committed to three things; restoring liberty, demanding accountability, and saving our nation from these radicals.

We will fight for free and secure elections, because the evidence of FRAUD is clear and concise. There is undeniable proof that the systems are fraudulent and the election laws are compromised at every level. It should be noted that just a few days ago Jena Griswold ILLEGALLY changed a Colorado statute making it so only her office and Dominion Voting Systems can look into election fraud.

What is Jena hiding? She has no authority yet she acts with impunity. That is the definition of lawlessness and she is criminally responsible. We must stand up against the attacks on our sovereignty as Americans, no matter what political party you belong to.

They are afraid of us, that is why they lie about us. They are afraid that you will realize We the People hold the power. They are weak cowards who look to divide.

Jesus says turn the other cheek, yet he also says stand strong. Faith without works is dead. We are done letting them weaponize media, cancel the efforts of good people, and slander Americans without consequence.

We need to stand together and promote standing together. They want to shame and bully you for your faith, for your morals, and for your thirst to preserve what many died to protect, our freedom.

Spread the message far and wide. Courage is more infectious than fear and we have an obligation to stop the propaganda, stop the evil, and protect our nation from these people.

You want the madness to stop? Prove it. Join us with courage. Share this email with a friend. We are going to walk door to door, state to state. Think 1776, without a shot being fired….

Please say a prayer for our great country and commit to be an ambassador of truth.

God Bless You and God Bless our Great Nation.

– Joe Oltmann

FEC United

FEC United is a movement of bold men and women who will restore and secure the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

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FEC United is a movement of bold men and women who will restore and secure the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

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