Are Equity Policies Necessary

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April 25, 2023 – Education Pillar Newsletter 

 Apparently the national and state school board associations have provided Equity Policy templates to member school boards, and encouraged their passing over the last 3-4 years. CSBA Sample – Board Policy Does your school board have an Equity Policy? If so, what does it say? 

The purpose of a school district should be to provide opportunity for each student to achieve their best academic outcomes. If a school district is focused on individual achievement, wouldn’t that mean that the tools for achievement are based on that individual’s academic needs? What would their color, ethnicity, background, gender, or any other immutable (unchangeable) characteristic have to do with their education? 

Equity policies are designed to focus on the unchangeable instead of the achievable. Students deserve better. They deserve a system that will help them grow as a student, and to find their academic path. One size does not fit all in education and helping students to understand their strengths and weaknesses; interests and proclivities and how to best achieve should be the focus and goal of education systems. We know that students will have different outcomes, what is important is that the opportunities for success are available to all students. Equity’ Policies Make It Impossible For Students To Succeed 

The evidence that these policies improve educational outcomes is thin or non-existent.Equity’ in Education: Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome? | American Center for Transforming Education  

What is the approach to this issue at your school or school district? Go to your district website, to the board of education page and look at the policies section. The policies set by the school board are what guide the superintendent and staff. Do you understand the policies that guide your school leaders?

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