The Church Should Influence Government

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April 25, 2023 – Faith Pillar Devotional 

When did the Church decide we shouldn’t be a part of government decisions?  Why did we fall for the incorrect interpretation of “separation of church and state?”  That seems like a scheme of the devil to me.  Without the influence of God in our government offices, the laws change to more lawlessness, Biblical values are taken out of the public square, and we wind up with the mess we are in now. 


Recently, I was reminded of many Bible prophets, and leaders that were willing to listen to God for guidance and wisdom.  Let me share a few to remind us that the Church (its people) should very much be right in the middle of what happens in our government offices locally and nationally!


Abraham—the father of all nations by God’s promise to be his shield and his very great reward (Genesis 15)


Joseph—interprets Pharaoh’s Dream and becomes the 2nd in command of Egypt (Genesis 37)


Moses—God gave him the Ten Commandments and much more to teach to the people on how they should live (Deuteronomy 5)


Joshua—God fights for His people when they are strong and courageous (Joshua 1)


Deborah—Used by God to judge the people when they once again turned from God and did what was evil in the sight God (Judges 4)


Gideon—Commanded 300 men to defeat an army of 1000s because he listened to God (Judges 7)


Prophet Samuel—Advised 2 Kings (Saul:  1 Samuel 9-16 David:  1 Samuel 16-25)


King David—Serves God throughout his reign as king (2 Samuel)


Prophet Nathan—Rebukes King David (2 Samuel 12)


Prophet Elijah—Tries to warn King Ahad that turning from God would be his demise (1 Kings 17-22)


Esther and Mordecai—changed Israel’s future through King Ahasuerus by standing firm on God’s promises even though all seemed lost (Esther)


Prophet Isaiah—advised four Kings (Isaiah)


Nehemiah—Even as a cup barrier he influenced the king (Nehemiah)


Jeremiah—tried to warn the leaders of Israel that the country would fall into the hand of Babylon (Jeremiah)


Ezekiel—prophesied hope and reassurance to God’s people while enslaved in Babylon (Ezekiel)


Daniel— serving king Nebuchadnezzar and his successors with loyalty and ability until the time of the Persian conqueror Cyrus, all the while remaining true to the God of Israel (Daniel)


John the Baptist—Warned King Herod that his lifestyle would be his demise (Matthew 14)


Jesus—Our savior from the dying world (throughout Bible)


Paul—Spoke with Government leaders throughout his journeys across the nations (Paul wrote 13 books of the New Testament)


These are just a few people that served the Lord faithfully during their lifetime that had  major influences on their governments.  I encourage you to read the Bible chapters and books listed above to help encourage us that we, as a church, must be an integral part of the decisions made within our government today.


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