Are Children Getting the Education We are Paying For?

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May 2, 2023 – Education Pillar Newsletter

Are Children Getting the Education We are Paying For?

As parents and community members we pay for “free public education”.  What value are we getting for our tax dollars? Per pupil public school expenditure by state U.S. 2022 | Statista Test scores are abysmal, schools seem to be less and less safe School Crime and Safety: What a Decade of Federal Data Show, curriculum is straying away from the values many teach at home – all while the demands for more money increase. 

Where are those tax dollars going? Administrative bloat isn’t the biggest problem facing school district budgets – Reason Foundation 

What and where are tax dollars spent in K-12 education? School Spending Up, Test Scores Down 

Does increased spending lead to increased student achievement? Is there a link between school spending & student achievement? – American Experiment

How have Common Core standards impacted K-12 education?  Why Common Core failed

Government school enrollment is on the decline. While this is not a new trend, the rate of decline was accelerated during the Covid years and has not bounced back. COVID exodus: Where did 1 million public school students go? New data sheds some light.

Why are students leaving? The reasons are wide and varied, but radical changes to curriculum are contributing to parents rethinking their children’s educational options. 

What are the alternatives? Is it possible for you to educate your children without co-parenting with the government? The short answer is yes. More to come on how to make that happen.

Knowledge is Power

How informed consent laws can protect kids with gender dysphoria

Tracking Legislation in Your State 

School Choice in Your State

Public schools without boundaries: Ranking every state’s K-12 open enrollment policies 

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