The Colorado Legislature Believes Parents are an Obstacle to be Overcome

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May 9, 2023 – Education Pillar Newsletter

The Colorado Legislature Believes Parents are an Obstacle to be Overcome

As the Colorado 2023 legislative session draws to a close, it has become abundantly clear that the current crop of legislators believe that our children belong to them, not to their parents. This legislature is hell-bent on stepping between parents and their children. Opinion: Rep. Bradley: In Colorado, parents are barriers to legislate around 

Learn more about parental rights in your state Parental Rights in Every State 

The CEA (Colorado Education Association), the state level branch of the NEA (National Education Association) recently passed a resolution at their state convention that denounces capitalism. State teachers’ union admits Marxist platform points from assembly – The Lion 

Colorado increased the average PPR (Per Pupil Revenue) 7.5% to an average of $10,579 per pupil. Actual PPR varies by district. That information should be available on your local school district website on  the financial page or the board page as budgets are required by statute to be approved no later than June 30, 2023.  Colorado school finance act boosts K-12 spending, steers clear of formula changes 

If you are in Colorado, this legislative session has been disastrous. As school board elections approach this fall, it is vital that school board candidates are fully vetted and stand for parents and students. These school boards are the only thing that stand between students and the state. School boards still have the ability to craft policies that favor parents and students within the law. 

If you are not in Colorado, let this be a cautionary tale. State level decisions have a direct effect on your children’s health and education and your rights as a parent.

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