Reclaiming Our Children’s Education

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May 23, 2023 – Education Pillar Newsletter

Reclaiming Our Children’s Education

We are winning across the nation to reclaim our children’s education.   This is happening because more and more are stepping up, standing up, and taking action.  We must continue the pressure, recruiting more people, linking arms with other groups, and taking action.  Given all the negative news that is happening, it’s important to reflect on some of the wins this year

School Choice – ESA (Education Savings Accounts): AR, FL, IO, UT, IN, MT, SC and most recently NC.   This means that parents have more choice for their children which in many cases includes private school.  School choice with ESA and vouchers is gaining momentum with state legislatures across the nation!  NE, NH, and OK have similar bills that passed.  

Homeschooling continues to grow: It increased 30% during 2021-2022 and is continuing to increase at unprecedented rates.  For those in Colorado, there is the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference from 6/15 – 6/17 with great speakers, workshops, activities, and exhibitors (

Private Christian Schools growing: New schools are being built, additions added to many existing schools, and enrollment has reached capacity across the nation.  ESA’s and vouchers with new state legislation have assisted in this growth, allowing the taxpayer money to follow the student even to private schools.

Public School Boards – Change is happening: School board meetings across the country are being attended by the community and parents who are demanding accountability, transparency, and a return to academics and away from woke and marxist ideologies.  Boards are being overturned and there are pressures for full board resignations and recalls as in Denver, Colorado.  This is all happening, because parents and the community are stepping up and getting involved and demanding action.  

There is much to do to reclaim our children’s education, but we are much further along today than we were before 2020!  Please continue to inform and educate your friends, family, neighbors and recruit them to get involved!  God bless you all! 


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