About FEC United

Our mission is to mobilize millions of Americans as one single force to Restore Liberty, Demand Accountability, and Save Our Nation. We will act as the key to grassroots activism by removing barriers to community engagement. 

Our Vision
& Purpose

A state of our nation where the practice of faith and worship is unrestricted, education is transparent and empowers children, commerce is thriving and unimpeded, and the government serves the interest of the People.

We have lost the liberties that made us a free nation. This loss has happened gradually over the past several decades, yet the majority of the population has relied on the power of the American Vote to elect individuals we believed were meant to represent the will of us, the People. The disastrous government overreach observed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic should prove to the American People that we have lost our representation and ability to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. Through this overreach, it is clear that we have lost our constitutional integrity—a quality envied by billions of people around the world, and one that many are willing to risk their lives and livelihoods to obtain through legal and illegal immigration. We have witnessed our health system weaponized against us, censorship of opposing views, and our own government barring citizens from life-saving medications. The destruction of our economy and small businesses, the weaponization of technology and media, and so much more demonstrate the layers of oppression that have been established in just a few short months, with persecution of dissenting views on the horizon.

We, as a united people, should not tolerate our history being erased and convoluted. We, as a united people, cannot allow selective facts and money-motivators dictate the future of our livelihoods. To learn more about how these threats affect the three pillars of our society, Faith, Education, and Commerce, visit our pillar page!

Three Pillars of Society


Houses of worship have continuously been discouraged to speak on or share opinions on policy or politics, even when these policy changes and political games affect their ability to feed their congregations spiritually, or even directly challenge the moral and ethical standards within their faith. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions of faith lost their liberty and freedom to assemble, and were even issued fines if they upheld their commitment to their people. The health system has demanded contract tracing and mask mandating within institutions of faith. Outreach programs have diminished, creating a need that is incalculable among our most needy of populations.

Our goal is to activate and mobilize the faith community through a Faith Alliance. The FEC United Faith Alliance will bring all institutions of faith together to educate spiritual leaders on the importance of providing a faith-based view on policy and politics to their congregations. Through this Faith Alliance, we will prioritize inter-faith communication and develop collaborations to ensure our religious freedoms are protected.


Every level of our education system has been compromised with illogical and immoral propaganda. State boards of education, local school board districts, school administrators and many teachers represent a politically-charged agenda and not parents or students. We have observed indoctrination of our children as parents are left in the dark about curriculum, culture, and climate within the school systems. Parents have lost their ability to choose what is right for their families and children as their rights are stripped away and drowned out by teachers unions. Policy changes have created the potential for forced vaccines without parental knowledge or consent. Children are forced to wear masks, even if they are struggling to breathe or the mask becomes soiled. Even worse is that they are subjected to bullying or shame if they encounter these struggles. As schools continue to manipulate data, even in regards to the risks of impeded access to clean air throughout the day, we are allowing our children to suffer under false pretenses and outright lies.

Our goal is to return children to normal—not a “new normal”—but back to normal. This means no temperature taking, mask wearing, or obsessive use of harmful chemicals found in hand sanitizers. We desire to see education return to its intention, to educate children on the basic knowledge necessary to succeed in life. Children should have access to sports, activities, and programs that enhance their lives and experiences, which is the extended purpose of a well-rounded education system. Our long-term goal is to ensure school boards are held accountable for the actions they take, curriculum they implement, and policies they enforce. We will do this by creating a Parents Alliance that will act as a collective voice to stand our ground against teachers unions.


Businesses, particularly small, family owned businesses, are not represented at any level. They are forced to collect and pay forward taxes to federal, state, and local agencies, without compensation or representation. Chambers of commerce and business associations stood silently through devastating government overreach as they continued to acquire their fees and dues, failing to advocate on behalf of their members at any level. We have seen various governmental agencies, such as liquor boards, weaponize their ability to penalize businesses with outlandish fines and threats to strip them of licensure they had legally obtained. All businesses have the right to operate freely and have equal protections for due process. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” did not come with the contingency of “upon government determination.” Hundreds of thousands of businesses have permanently closed, detrimentally affecting millions of lives and livelihoods. Systems being established to force compliance through government incentives and selective employment benefits goes against every value America has fought for to obtain and sustain a free market economy.

Our goal in commerce is to see business owners and employees thrive and prosper without restriction in a truly free market, as was intended. We believe every dollar is a vote, for or against the values that business promotes and supports. Supporting local businesses is the foundation of a healthy local economy, which is why we are working to develop a freedom network of businesses that members can search to find the products and services they are in need of in their geographic areas. We will also work to provide support resources and remove bureaucratic obstacles for business owners. We will evaluate needs in communities and work to fill these identified support gaps for the local business community.

Restore Liberty

The rights and liberties you have enjoyed are now under threat of being lost forever. Help us ensure freedom and restore liberty for the next generations.

Demand Accountability

Bureaucratic officials have operated in the shadows, furthering the agendas destroying our nation for their own gain. Stand with us to demand accountability.

Save Our Nation

We, the People, bear the responsibility of preserving our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Join with us today to Save Our Nation.


Restore Liberty

What is liberty? According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of liberty is “the quality or state of being free.” Liberty is the privilege afforded to all Americans upon which we have built a truly free society, thus reflecting the American Dream. This privilege is one envied throughout the world and one that has been targeted to be eliminated through processes of conditioning. Our liberty was not stolen, it was gradually compromised, under the guise of positive intentions for our fellow citizens. We did not fight it, we did not stop it, we did not realize the long-term ramifications of these exploitations over a year past the introduction of “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

We have learned and we have adapted. FEC United will drive involvement throughout political processes and critical bill lifecycles by monitoring progress and engaging citizens in the legislative process.

We will implement strategies and tactics to protect our Constitutional Freedoms which have been impacted by corporate and social media.

Finally, we will educate the public on the current dangers and threats to our liberty and provide actionable guidance that each and every citizen should feel the responsibility to participate in.

Demand Accountability

Accountability is “an obligation and willingness to accept responsibility or to ‘account’ for one’s actions.” This accountability has been lost within our government. Not just among elected officials, but within the bureaucracy, within all branches of government, and within the hearts and minds of the people who vote in ways that aim to destroy the fabric of our society. To revive the expectation of accountability, we must begin with our elected officials. We must remind them who they work for, serve, and represent. When an official does not meet their responsibilities, or fails to act on the behalf of their constituents, we will work to activate support to replace them with candidates who will uphold our country’s values and represent us consistently.

We will proactively monitor and engage citizens throughout the educational and political systems to achieve transparency and ensure accountability at all levels and governmental departments. We will compile and provide resources to empower citizens through effective, consistent engagement.

Save Our Nation

Our most recent elections have proven that there is a “sleeping giant” among our population that has begun to stir. Conservatism does not require a political classification, but it does require the certainty that there is a “right and wrong,” that there is a moral and ethical standard that we hold each other accountable to, and that each individual has the right, given to them by God, to have an opinion and think freely.

We must mobilize this sleeping giant to Take Back America at the local, state, and national levels. We will Save Our Nation by engaging powerfully within our local governments, state legislatures, and national bureaucracies. We will encourage, support and collaborate with organizations and individuals that value America, her founding principles, and the Constitution.